Electrical & Electronic

Customised Microcontroller Customised Microcontroller

Customised Microcontroller

  • Support programming C/C++ Language
  • Support processor of 8051, ATMEGA, PIC, ARM, CORTEX, & MISC
  • Support up to 64 bits RISC
  • Programming tools with JTAG/Debugger and Software (Embedded C) 

PCB Design & Layout

  • Design (schematic & PCB layout) using EasyPCB Pro
  • Design and fabrication: up to 6 layers for PCBs
  • Assembly: includes components sourcing & purchasing
  • Outsource facilities for trial/mass production
  • Testing & debugging
PCB Design PCB Design & Layout Customized Test Customized Test & Measurement Equipment

Functional Tester, Test & Measurement

  • Customised design & layout
  • Fabrication, assembly, & wiring
  • Testing & debugging
Modify/Repair Electrical Modify/Repair Electrical & Electronic Parts

Modify/Repair Electrical & Electronic Part

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