Lockable Part Storage Cabinets

Product Short Detail Description

Product Specification,

  • Product Name: Lockable Part Storage Cabinets
  • Brand: Fuheng (China)
  • Model: LPSC100B/T
  • Color Drawers: Blue/Transparent (Please specify during order)
  • Color Cabinet: Grey Body & Ivory Door
  • Material: APS[Blue]/PS[Transparent] (Drawers) & Mild Steel Power Coat (Cabinet)
  • Cabinet Size: 695mm (W) x 280mm (D) x 1280mm (H)
  • Packaging: 1 units/box

** We have another several type/size of non-lockable & lockable type, from 12, 18, 24, 30, 48, 75 and 100 drawers are available, please contact us for details.


Lockable Part Storage Cabinets

These Lockable Part Storage Cabinets range of high-quality plastic storage compartment and strong metal. This material made from robust ABS/PS and mild steel designed for simple, strong and effectively. This cabinet is suitable for small/big parts organization and storage in the workplace. This cabinets is very secure,where attach with a secure key operate locking doors to prevent part missing or stolen. This molded recesses in the front of the drawer, is to insert the index cards for easy identification of contents. These cabinets are suitable to use for storing multiple type of small or big components or parts.

Where these cabinet able to used?

These Lockable Part Storage Cabinets can use in a wide range of industries to provide a clutter-free and functional way of storing. By using this cabinet where can help you to proper manage and organize your content effectively. These storage bins are commonly use in the modern warehouses. This storage cabinets can helps to improve and manage your storage and space effectively.

Features and Benefits

  • Secure and accessible storage of parts and components
  • Pre-galvanized steel carcass with powder-coated grey & Cream finish
  • Lockable key doors with recessed hinges
  • Removable drawers with anti-drop lock and smooth running slides
  • The drawers are manufacture with high impact ABS/PS material, which is durable and resistant to most industrial solvents.
  • Molded in index card slot on the front of the drawers is provided for product easier content identification and selection.
  • Used in factories, workshops, office, warehouses, garages, hospital and more.

Storage Drawers/Containers/Bins/Boxes Products

Are you looking for other type of storage systems to organize your messy store for the part and components? Creative Tech Engineering will provide a wide solution for you to application and manage on your daily needs. We have several type and range of storage products for your selection according to your budget. Basically we have a range from small to large scale or separated or stored in cabinet type are available. There have open racked shelving to form of  larger storage systems and shelving materials systems are available.  All kinds of storage product application can find out at Creative Tech Engineering as below;

Lockable or Non-lockable Storage Cabinets

There have from steel and have an adjustable shelves and secure key operated locking doors are available. By the way, there have the open shelve containers type from wall mount or table top or stackable. The range from industrial to trendy and presentable type, are simply hang on to the slots on the panel.

Storage Box or Containers

We provide a range type of storage boxes or containers for industrial or office or home use designed. The storage boxes are simply hang-on to the slots on the panel. The use of these panels maximizes storage space.

Anti-Static/ESD Storage Trays or Containers

We are available a range for Anti-Static/ESD Safe product of Storage Trays or Containers or Boxes for your solutions. These ESD safe product will protect your products in the safe from electric static charge and organize condition.