Blueair 203Slim Air Purifiers

Product Specification,

  • Product Name: Blueair 203 Slim Air Purifiers
  • Brand: Blueair (China Spec)
  • Model: 203 Slim
  • Room Size Capacity: 22 m2 (240 sq ft)
  • CADR (Smoke): 263 m3 per hour (155 cfm)
  • CADR (Dust): 263 m3 per hour (155 cfm)
  • CADR (Pollen): 263 m3 per hour (155 cfm)
  • Air changes per hour: 5
  • Sound level: 32- 56 dB(A)
  • Electronic sensors, remote, on/off timer: No
  • Filter replacement indicator: Yes
  • Speed control options: 1 – 2 – 3
  • Air outlet: Top
  • Air inlet: Back
  • Casters: No
  • Energy consumption: 20 – 80 watts
  • Dimensions (H x W x D): 533 x 432 x 209 mm (21 x 17 x 8 in)
  • Product weight: 11 kg (24 lb)
  •  Packaging: 1 unit/box


Blueair 203 Slim Air Purifiers

These Blueair 203Slim Air Purifiers takes up a little space, yet it delivers solid clean-air performance. A great choice for smaller-sized rooms where you and you loved ones want to breathe easy. “Small Purifier, Big Results”

This 203Slim model are suitable use at bedroom, office, etc.

Unique Blueair HEPASilent Technology

Blueair’s HEPASilent™ technology with delivers in high performance and efficiency by combining electrostatic and mechanical filtration technologies. This combination, pioneered by Blueair, delivers high Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR) with whisper-silent operation and high energy efficiency. In additional, a Blueair air purifier also works as quietly, until you may not feel sleep next to it. You might even have to check to make sure it is switch on. It’s lowest setting, a Blueair air purifier uses less electricity than a lightbulb.

Easy to move, easy to live with

The Blueair 203Slim Air Purifiers is lightweight and easy to move around your home. With its compact fan design and huge filter surface. It delivers solid performance, freeing your home of allergy and asthma triggers. Fit it easily into even the smallest of rooms.

Filter Change Countdown Counter

These Blueair 203Slim Air Purifiers come with a filter renewal timer counter alert indication display. The magnet on the back allows you to attach the timer to your unit or other magnetic surfaces. This is to ensure you always get clean air.

Stay Healthy, Stay Safe

A high performing of air purifier can prevent some airborne diseases. Air Purifier can trap and remove flu viruses from the air. In additional, this purifier can help to keep yourself and your family in healthy condition, when flu viruses strike.

Blueair air purifiers have not been test for the removal of the new Corona Virus yet. It is a new strain that was discovered in 2019.

What can do by Blueair Air Purifiers?

  • Blueair air purifiers have been third-party test for the removal of the most common viruses and bacteria. The result shown with a clearance rate of over 99.99%. The tests included H1N1 influenza, Staphylococcus aureus, E-coli and Aspergillus.
  • Blueair HEPASilent™ technology can captures 99.97% of airborne particle size down to 0.1 micron. Therefore, the other of viruses with a particle size of at least 0.1 micron also can be captures too. The Corona viruses measure about 0.12 micron.
  • Blueair Air purifiers not only can capture a harmful airborne viruses and bacteria. In additional to, our proprietary HEPASilent™ technology actually can kills germs too. Internal tests measured 99% of germs were killed by Blueair Classic family products. The result shown leaving of the bacteria and viruses unviable and unable to reproduce.

Product Accessories

  1. Blueair Classic 200/300 Series Particle Filter
  2. Blueair Classic 200/300 Series SmokeStop Filter

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