AUBO i5 Collaborative Robots

Product Specifications,

  • Product Name: AUBO i5 COBOTS
  • Brand: AUBO (China)
  • Model: i5 COBOT
  • Weight 24 kg
  • Footprint 172 mm diameter
  • Repeatability (+/- 0,05 mm)
  • Linear speed 2.8 m / s adjustable
  • Energy consumption 200 watts typical application
  • Materials aluminum, steel, plastic
  • Normal room humidity 75% RH or less without frost or dew, 85% RH in the short term
  • Ambient temperature from 0 to 45 degrees Celsius
  • IP classification of the IP54 robot
  • Teaching pendant programming with a user interface, a guide for teaching,
  • Compatibility with ROS via an API
  • CAN bus communication
  • Strain wave gearing or harmonic gearing with 48-volt motors.
  • The orientation of the installation of any ceiling, floor, wall

I / O ports

  • i-Series
  • Digital in 24
  • Digital output 16
  • Analog in 3
  • Analog output 4
  • 24-volt input power
  • Output power 3A

Teach pendant

  • Dimensions (LxWxH) 355x235x54 mm
  • Weight 1.8 kg
  • 30 cm LCD touchscreen display
  • Wiring 4,5 mm
  • IP54 IP classification

i-series Industrial

  • Axis rotation base J1 (+/-) 175 ° 150 ° / sec 207 Nm
  • J2 axis rotation shoulder (+/-) 175 ° 150 ° / sec 207 Nm
  • Elbow rotation axis J3 (+/-) 175 ° 150 ° / sec 207 Nm
  • J4 rotation axis wrist (+/-) 175 ° 180 ° / sec 34 Nm
  • J5 wrist axis (+/-) 175 ° 180 ° / sec 34 Nm
  • J6 rotation axis wrist (+/-) 175 ° 180 ° / sec 34 Nm



These AUBO i5 Collaborative Robots are work closely within the human environment without the need for safety equipment, depending on risk assessment.

AUBO Robotics AUBO i5 is a collaborative industrial robot (Cobot) operating with certified safety features, Hand Drive operation, and the power and force limiting robot design type.

Certifications include:

  • ISO 10218-1: 2011
  • EN 60204-1: 2006 + a1: 2009
  • ISO 12100: 2010
  • ISO 13849-1: 2008
  • CE, TUV, KCS, and NRTAC

The US and Canada certifications are now finalized. 6 axles • 5kg payload • 924mm capacity



These AUBO i5 Collaborative Robots come with hand guide-to-teach (inverse kinematics motion planning) manual operation of the robot. Come with quick enables and easy programming by demonstration without any programming skills. This Cobot’s are work side by side with human operator without any safety fence, laser or sensors (after a risk assessment is performed). The teaching pendant of user interface for programming (forward kinematics) enables online programming, and simulation via a touch screen tablet. Our Cobot’s is Lightweight, flexible and easy to re-purpose or re-locate this lightweight robot.


These AUBO i5 Collaborative Robots designed in accordance with Pl d and ISO 10218-1 (ISO/TS 15066) safety requirements.
And with most all specifications for collaborative robots operation. The power and force limiting design to brings the robot to a protective stop if limits are exceed or a collision is detect. In additional, the speed and force can be adjusted to fit and optimize any application easily. All with sensors embedded in motor drives provide real-time feedback to prevent dangerous situations. The emergency stop button are locate on the teach pendant of the control box with a braking distance less than 1mm.


These program architecture is base on CAN bus network used in this robot for multiple microcontrollers to communicate with each other. And ROS (Robot Operating System) compatibility is supported through an API. The hardware adopts BUS protocols with open I/O interface extensions. This Cobot’s are easily integrate robot into existing production systems.


This AUBO i5 Collaborative Robots is a low cost ownership product without basic programming skills need. There are easily integrate into a systems. All add up to a quick return on your investment. Short run, high mix environments like Lab automation or machine tending are prime examples of industries needing fast redeployment. The company floor space are most expensive cost compare with the equipment cost. Therefore, Cobot’s come with a small foot print, and lightweight robot will be a huge benefit for any size company’s cost of production. Re-purpose, redeploy and/or reinvent applications with the same robot, fast change over for lean manufacturing. The high-mix low-volume (HMLV) is to the remove human error, where to reduces manufacturing time and consequently increases capacity. There are without adding costly resources so robot acts as a d’factor quality inspector.


These AUBO i5 Collaborative Robots are easily to integrate the vision systems into controller. The Control Box communication ports are include TCP/IP, Modbus RTU/TCP, and USB 2.0. This research robot platform are widely use around the world in corporate labs and for academic robotics research.