ASA Digital Torque Meters (Cedar)

ASA Digital Torque Meters

  • Save up to 800 Data.
  •  A convenient functional setup of a setup of a measurement start value etc.
  • About the load torque under measurement, it is a data output at real time (every about 1/180 seconds).
  • Rechargeable battery drive.
  • by auto power OFF, it forgets to erase and prevent.
  • By the USB output, it is personal computer management about data.
  • One-touch zero adjustment.
  • Measured-value display automatic clear setup.



  • Accuracy: ±0.5% (F/S) (199 or less digit ±1 digit)
  • Display: The 3.5 figures digital display of LCD
  • Measuring Direction: CW-CCW (right and left)
  • Measuring Mode: Peak load value hold (P-P Peak), Indication of real time torque value (T-R Track), Load catches and displays the moment included in descent from a rise (P-D Peak Down), The data output of the load torque value is carried out every about 1/180 seconds (C[Real-time Output])
  • High and low limits judging function: High and low value are measurement within the limits, and can be set up
  • Real-time output: Load torque value are measurement within the limits, and can be set up
  • One-touch zero: By pushing a clear button, zero adjustment can be performed by one-touch
  • Data memory: Measured value-800 data/statistics data, such as an average-10 channels
  • Data output: ASCII format (baud rate 19200)
  • Power supply: Ni Cd chargeable battery 1.2V x 5cells 700mAh / 300 time or more charge life
  • Auto power Off: 10 minutes no use, automatically switch off.
  • Charging time: From empty – less than 3 hours
  • Continuous working time: 12 hours
  • Socket size: 20mm, 9.5mm
  • Weight: Abbreviation 1kg
  • Outside dimension: 155(W) x 125(D) x 55(H)
  • Accessories: Exclusive case, AC/DC Adaptor (choose AC adaptor out of 120v and 230v)
  • Made In Japan

Additional information


Measuring Range: 1.0~150.0 kgf-cm(0.10~15.00 N-m)[1.0~130.0 lbf-in]


Measuring Range: 0.040~15.00 kgf-cm(4.0~15.00 mN.m)[0.040~13.50 lbf-in]